Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Panties. Come N' Get Em Boys!

Meet Kaylee Rose, your new addiction you won't ever want to quit!

Click below to watch me dance for you.
Browse the available panties below ... : )


"The Miss Kitty Panty"

"The Miss Nikita Panty"

"Lil Miss Marie Panty"

"The Miss Vixen Panty"



All panties are $40 each and $5 extra if you want an orgasm added. You can place orders directly off of this blogpage if you click the tab " Place Order". Make sure to include the name of the panty and also verify that your shipping address is correct or if you will be wanting me to ship to a p.o. box for discretion. Feel free to email me(Kaylee) w/ questions at: Kupcakecloudbabes@gmail.com

Satin Thongs

Featured below is the newest panty collection as of early November. Enjoy browsing the photos and if you wish to have one of Kaylee's worn panties for your very own sniffing pleasure, make sure to click on the "Place Order" tab above, and make sure to name the panty or panties that you desire.
 p.s. Just a big I Love You to all my precious fans who keep coming back for my lovely little panties! Please let me know what you think of the new panties by commenting or emailing<3 xoxoxo!
Princess Rosalie Panty (only 2 in stock!)
                              Miss Holly -Fifty Shades of Sexy

 Miss Anastasia -Russian Hottie

All panties $35 each which includes 3 days wear or add $5 to make it an orgasm panty <3

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kaylee's wet naughty used Panties

Kaylee's Newest Youtube Video!
 Enjoy her dancing<3
All the videos posted on my site are from my new Youtube channel.
Youtube sometimes suspends me because of the nature of my videos so I was forced to create another account. Hopefully I can keep this account open lol. If you like to stay updated on my latest videos of my dancing and promoting my wet panties and stripshows,
make sure to subscribe to the new channel (if you click the below picture of my ASS it plays a video from youtube. In the bottom right there is a button that will take you to the youtube setting of my new channel. This is where you can subscribe.. if you so desire)as this is where I'll be uploading any and all of my videos new and old in the coming weeks.
.. Signing off
-Kaylee a.k.a Princess Honeycunt <3

Kaylee at her wettest and hottest! .. ..
If you wish to place an order make sure to click the
"Place Order" button in the menu above <3
Then you can type into the detail box which panty you would like in your order as well as provide the shipping address.
Each panty is only $35 

                            Tiger Lilly -Rawrrr!!  Out of Stock!


Gigi - Lil' French House Maid

Each worn panty is $35 ( worn 3 days each)
Orgasms can be added
for $5 per requested orgasm *Free shipping within U.S. !! : ) 

Please note - My ENTIRE WEBSITE IS FOR 18 ++ ONLY!



Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sporty Girls

Valentina Girl: Let's Play Ball panty <3

 Pink Valentina Panty Sold Out!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Princess Collection

 Do you wish you could have a beautiful young girl's naughty little panties? Now you can  have access to the much anticipated Princess Collection. Kaylee offers her naughty little panties for you to use for your own pleasure.
Treat yourself, let her girly musk intoxicate you, and set your manly instincts on fire. Viagra? You won't need it after receiving her little package in the mail!!  <3
 You can inhale her forbidden panties all night long.
To place an order on any panties from Princess Kaylee's Page email her at:
One Panty: $45
Make it yummy orgasm panties? Add only $5 more <3
                                            Little Irish Princess

                   Princess Veronica Princess"                                                            Only 1 Left!  <3

 To own Princess Kaylee's panties for yourself, to smell, lick, touch and play.. I know you can't resist.
Click the "Place Order" button at the top to make her panties your very own ..
 Only grown men of 18 and +
       Hmm Daddy, I'm waiting <3

Friday, March 1, 2013

Kaylee's Naughty Hello Kitty Panties

The other night I went to the store and started exploring the little girl's section of the store and I found these adorable Hello Kitty panties. I wasn't sure if they would fit, my rear is kinda . . round and big to say the least lol. But I took the risk because I couldn't resist the sweet innocence of the panties and I knew my clients would be intrigued because what other panty girl online offers actual "little girl" panties!
 I got them home and I got nervous as I pulled them up my legs and then my thighs, worried the panties I adored so much, might not fit but then i glided them up over my sweet round butt and they fit like a glove! Each panty is unique and no two are the same. I will upload more photos of the panties on this page soon. Feel free to leave me a comment or email me if you are turned on by my sweet little panties. I would love to hear how they make you feel Daddy <3
              Kaylee's Sweet Little Hello Kitty Panties are
                $35 each and she wears them for at least 48 hours!
        Looking for extra fun? . . $5 extra per requested orgasm
            $10 for an extra days wear

Order Process for Kaylee's Panties

Hi Gentlemen, if you would like to place an order for my sweet little panties to arrive at your door. Here is what you must do <3

1. Decide which panty or panties you crave.
2. Email Kaylee at Kupcakecloudbabes@gmail.com
3. State your interest, whether it be panties, 
   Pussy pops ( Kaylee's Specialty Lollies), custom photos, videos,
  phone call or naughty instant message session.
4. Get a sweet response from Kaylee!
5. Pay either thru Paypal or for the more discreet you can use her p.o. box method.
             *There is a $10 minimum on placing an order.
              *Must be 18+ to place an order. 

It's that simple Daddy, . . . will you play w/ me? 

New!!! "Sailor Moon Panty" . . .    
Watch the video below to see <3